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NAPPP Faculty Are Among The Most Trained Psychologists in psychopharmacology




David Reinhardt, Ph.D., MSCP
Dr. Reinhardt is a licensed psychologist who has a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychopharmacology. He is an experienced psychopharmacologist and has taught graduate level courses in psychopharmacology for many years. Dr. Reinhardt also mentored in the NAPPP/NCU post doctoral master degree program.

John Caccavale, Ph.D., ABMP
Dr. Caccavale is the director of the Psychopharmacology Program. He has taught psychopharmacology and related course at the doctoral level and is the developer of many online CE courses including the NAPPP/NCU master's degree that was offered at North Central University. He is a licensed psychologist in California.

Ward Lawson, Ph.D., ABPP
Dr. Lawson is Executive Director of the Academy of Medical Psychology. he has taught many workshops on prescribing and neuropsychology. He mentors in the NAPPP/AMP post doctoral RxP program. Dr. Lawson is in private practice in Missouri.

Jerry Morris, Psy.D, ABPP
Dr. Morris is an experienced clinical and medical psychologist. He completed a post doctoral M.S. degree in Clinical Psychophatmacology and is licensed in Louisiana. Dr.Morris is also licensed in three states and is a long term leader in the RxP movement. Dr. Morris is in private practice in Missouri.


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