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Mission Statement


The NAPPP Online Psychopharmacology Training Program
The NAPPP online training program is designed for licensed psychologists who
desire to obtain training in psychopharmacology without having to leave
their practice or incur a large debt from the high tuition costs associated
with psychopharmacology training. NAPPP is committed to high quality online
training that not only follows the APA model curriculum for training in
psychopharmacology but is centered around a core curriculum model that will
provide the skills required while collaborating with physicians and other
healthcare professionals.

Program Goals
The training program in psychopharmacology will prepare psychologists with the skills, tools, and experience that can lead to a wide array of new services including diagnosis, treatment, and consulting about the use of psychotropic medications. With enabling legislation, this may include the prescribing of psychotropic medication within the scope of the practice of the profession. Please note: The NAPPP RxP Program leads to a Certificate in Clinical Psychopharmacology and may not be acceptable in those states that require a post doctoral masters degree.

Learner Centered Training In Psychopharmacology

Many psychologists interested in training for prescriptive authority ask which training program is best. The following description of NAPPP’s “Learner-Centered Psychopharmacology Training Program’ provides important information you can consider in making a choice of psychopharmacology training programs.

Learner-centered psychopharmacology training is founded on a core curriculum that was gleaned from practicing psychologists experiences in the topics presented rather than from a theoretical model isolated from practice. The learner-centered training format is designed build on the existing knowledgebase the practitioner has gained from their experience in clinical treatment. The sequence of courses allows the learner to integrate the knowledge gained from the training into his/her practice as it is being mastered.

Learner-centered training is both practice and family friendly. Online training does not require travel interruptions to practice or family schedules. Both the knowledge and experience requirements for the certificate of mastery of psychopharmacology training can be completed in one year.

The Learner-Centered Psychopharmacology Training Model equals or exceeds training requirements in psychopharmacology for other health professions. This program meets existing training requirements for psychologists as well as changes in training contemplated by psychology. Legislators can readily understand that psychologists who complete and master the sequence of psychopharmacology training are proficient in all phases of the training and are not judged by a composite test score. Thispsychopharmacology training is adaptable and can meet requirements of existing state laws. Free continuing education courses offered by NAPPP can be used to update knowledge in psychopharmacology after completion of training.

Courses are available when you are ready and the courses are presented in a mastery sequence that is described in advance of training. The learner will pass an examination on each course as they are completed before proceeding to the next course. Examination can be taken in the familiar surroundings where the learner has studied rather than in an unfamiliar environment. This gives the learner a better opportunity to receive the required passing grade of 75% or more on each course. This is in contrast to having wait to pass a single examination many months later covering the entire curriculum. The examinations on focused sequence of modules allows learners to see what they are accomplishing and this in turn motivates the learner to complete their training.

Learner-centered psychopharmacology training helps build practices through networking with prescribing health care professionals. This networking can add to the learners income even without prescriptive authority laws being in place. This learner-centered program provides training in medical nomenclature for use in collaboration with other health care professions to develop integrated health care plans. The practitioner/learner accumulates the training experience needed to meet professional and state requirements based on their experience with their own patients

The NAPPP Learner-centered psychopharmacology mastery certificate provides training courses that are equivalent in every respect to a postdoctoral master degree RxP training program that takes longer but lacks a core curriculum and costs thousands of dollars more. The NAPPP “Learner-Centered Psychopharmacology Training Program” integrates the learner’s didactic and practica experiences into an enhanced practice.

Does the offer of an up-to date, cutting-edge RxP training program for $2000, $2500 for non-members, sound too good to be true? This offer by NAPPP is made possible because it is completed online when you are ready to learn and does not interfere with your practice. No travel, room, or food costs. Today's technology offers a more efficient and effective learning experience.


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